Rick Ross Drops Epic Game Quote in Epic Response to Freeway’s Revenge

Rick Ross recently expressed his lack of enthusiasm for The Game’s diss track “Freeway’s Revenge.” This public display of disapproval took place when Ross took to Instagram on Friday to quote a lyric from “Hate It Or Love It,” a song famously recorded by 50 Cent and The Game back in 2005. It is worth noting that although Ross and The Game have collaborated in the past, they are not on good terms with the G-Unit boss.

“Hate It or Love It The underdog on top,” Ross wrote in the caption, which was a line from the song by 50 Cent, while also tagging the Rick Ross car show. The diss track “Freeway’s Revenge” was released on the same day and features The Game throwing explicit shots at Rick Ross regarding various aspects of his life, including alleged sexual kinks, weight and health problems, and his past as a correctional officer.

The Game’s lyrics go as far as accusing Ross of indulging in golden showers and suggesting that former MMG rapper Gunplay is privy to information that should not be shared. Following a beat switch in the song, The Game continues to dismantle Ross’ larger-than-life persona, targeting his extravagant lifestyle and suggesting that certain aspects of his image are fabricated.

Despite their previous collaborations, The Game seems to have taken issue with Rick Ross due to his ongoing feud with Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Ross has been involved in the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, which may have led to this scathing diss track from The Game. The depth of animosity displayed in “Freeway’s Revenge” indicates a significant rift between the two artists, hinting at unresolved tensions that have boiled over.

This diss track has sparked interest and curiosity within the hip-hop community, with fans eagerly waiting to see how Rick Ross will respond, if at all. The sharp and personal nature of the lyrics in “Freeway’s Revenge” demonstrates the intensity of The Game’s feelings towards Rick Ross, suggesting that there may be more to this conflict than meets the eye.

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