Discover Lainey Wilson’s New Album ‘Whirlwind’ and the Surprising Recording Changes!

Lainey Wilson, the Grammy-winning country star, is all set to release her highly anticipated follow-up album to the successful “Bell Bottom Country.” Titled “Whirlwind,” the album is a reflection of Wilson’s own whirlwind life over the past two years as she skyrocketed to fame in the country music scene. Set to be released on Aug. 23 by Broken Bow/BMG, “Whirlwind” promises to be a captivating and introspective look into the fast-paced world of Lainey Wilson.

Against the backdrop of her breakthrough single “Things a Man Oughta Know” reaching No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, Wilson found inspiration for “Whirlwind” in the whirlwind of conversations and encounters revolving around her life. She describes how despite the chaos and turbulence that whirlwinds bring, she always finds a way to come back to the center, maintaining her focus and balance.

Keeping true to her roots, Wilson collaborated once again with producer Jay Joyce, who worked on both “Bell Bottom Country” and its predecessor “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’.” Describing “Whirlwind” as the Western sister of “Bell Bottom Country,” Wilson promises fans a more character-driven and cinematic storytelling experience with this new album.

With her schedule becoming increasingly busy, Wilson had to approach songwriting for “Whirlwind” with greater focus and intent. Rather than leisurely choosing from a pool of 200 songs, she had to zero in on quality over quantity, bringing together familiar collaborators like The Heart Wranglers and newer partners like Jon Decious to craft the album’s tracks.

Despite the time constraints, Wilson drew inspiration not only from her own experiences but also from her fans. She credits her fans with helping her gain confidence in her values and songwriting, sharing that she feels a deep connection with them and writes with them in mind. Wilson’s ability to draw from a diverse range of experiences and perspectives contributes to the well-rounded nature of her music.

Surprisingly, Wilson found herself unfazed by the acclaim and success of “Bell Bottom Country” as she worked on “Whirlwind,” recognizing that while awards are important, they do not define her as an artist. Instead, her focus remains on writing songs and performing live, staying true to her childhood dreams and musical aspirations.

Noteworthy is the decision to have her road band play on “Whirlwind” instead of studio musicians, showcasing the bond and magic that have developed over close to 400 shows in the past two and a half years. Wilson’s trust in her band’s abilities speaks volumes about her collaborative spirit and dedication to creating authentic and impactful music.

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