Get Ready to Turn Up the Heat with Future’s Electric New Mixtape Announcement!

Future is on fire this year with his third full-length release announced already in 2024. The Atlanta rapper took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the exciting news about his upcoming mixtape, snubbing albums in the process.

He didn’t hold back, boldly declaring, “Fuck yo album Shit ain’t slappin like my MIXTAPE.” Future then revealed that the mixtape is set to drop on Friday, May 10, with a simple yet impactful tweet saying, “MAY TENTH 🤧 MIXTAPE PLUTO.”

This upcoming mixtape follows the release of “We Don’t Trust You” and “We Still Don’t Trust You” in March and April, respectively. While those albums were collaborations with Metro Boomin, this new mixtape seems to be a solo project from Future.

Both “We Don’t Trust You” and “We Still Don’t Trust You” not only dominated the Billboard 200 album chart but also stirred up some serious drama. The albums contained a slew of diss tracks aimed at Drake, with guest artists like Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and The Weeknd joining in on the action.

Kendrick Lamar’s scorching verse on “Like That” sparked a brief exchange with J. Cole and reignited his longstanding feud with Drake. The two heavyweights have traded diss tracks back and forth, captivating the hip-hop world with songs like “Push Ups,” “Euphoria,” “Family Matters,” “Meet the Grahams,” “Not Like Us,” and “The Heart Part 6.”

Drake didn’t shy away from addressing his fallout with Future during the feud, specifically calling out Metro Boomin in his lyrics. With all this drama swirling around, fans are eagerly anticipating whether Future’s new mixtape will add fuel to the fire.

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