Kid Cudi Sets Record Straight on Drake ‘Shot’ Following Lil Yachty Song Credit Controversy – Must Read!

Kid Cudi Clarifies Songwriting Credits and Denies Taking Shots at Drake

In a recent exchange on X (formerly Twitter), Kid Cudi addressed speculation regarding his songwriting credits and potential disses towards Drake, clearing up any misunderstandings. The Cleveland rapper firmly stated that he writes all of his lyrics himself, regardless of song credits that may confuse fans with their multiple names, usually indicating producers or sample credits.

To emphasize his point, Cudi shared in a separate post that he takes pride in writing the lyrics for all 12 of his albums, reiterating his commitment to his craft and artistic integrity.

After some fans interpreted his remarks as shade towards Drake, who has faced ghostwriting allegations in the past, Kid Cudi quickly clarified that expressing his truth was not meant to disrespect anyone, but merely to set the record straight. He debunked rumors that Lil Yachty, a co-producer on his track “Superboy” from the album INSANO (NITRO MEGA), contributed to his lyrics, underscoring that he is the sole writer of his music.

It’s worth noting that Lil Yachty has previously faced accusations of working as a ghostwriter for Drake, particularly highlighted by rapper Rick Ross, who hinted at Yachty’s involvement in the creation of Drizzy’s music by leaking a purported demo of one of his tracks.

This is not the first time Kid Cudi has had to address speculations surrounding his relationship with Drake. In a 2022 interview, he made it clear that he is not one to easily reconcile with someone after a fallout, unlike Drake, who has a history of resolving conflicts swiftly. Cudi reiterated his respect for Drake but emphasized his own firm stance on forgiveness and friendship, suggesting that their differences might not be easily reconciled.

After the interview caused some confusion among fans, Kid Cudi took to Twitter to clarify that his remarks were not intended as a dig at Drake, but rather a reflection of his own approach to resolving conflicts. He highlighted that while he harbors no ill will towards Drake, he may not be as quick to reinstate a relationship as the Canadian rapper tends to be, indicating a difference in their perspectives on forgiveness and friendship.

Ultimately, Kid Cudi’s dedication to his craft and commitment to authenticity shine through in his response to the recent speculations, reaffirming his position as an artist who values creative ownership and transparency in his work.

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