Discover the Explosive Energy of Kings of Leon’s Latest Album: Can We Please Have Fun?

The renowned Nashville-based space-country band, Kings Of Leon, may not be the typical image of fun amidst the backdrop of current global turmoil. But with the release of their ninth album, ‘When You See Yourself’, the band has managed to infuse their weighty musings of 2021 with a cautiously optimistic twist.

The album, characterized by themes of wildfires, marital struggles, addiction, and the anxieties of youth, presents a juxtaposition of cosmic funk grooves and vital riot-rock tones. Tracks like ‘Nowhere to Run’ and ‘Nothing to Do’ touch on the chaos of the world, while hinting at the necessity of finding joy and love amidst the uncertainty.

With influences from Markus Dravs’ work on their previous album ‘Walls’ and collaborations with Harry Styles’ producer Kid Harpoon, Kings Of Leon have embraced a future-rock sound that echoes Tame Impala, The National, and Death Cab for Cutie.

The blend of amorphous textures and subtle pop melodies on songs like ‘Ballerina Radio’ and ‘Rainbow Ball’ showcase the band’s willingness to evolve without forsaking their distinctive sound. Tracks like ‘Mustang’ and ‘Hesitation Generation’ harken back to the band’s early days, while new additions like ‘Seen’ offer a refreshing twist on their musical repertoire.

While the album is not a wild party, tracks like ‘Actual Daydream’, ‘Don’t Stop The Bleeding’, and ‘Split Screen’ exhibit a playful quality that adds depth to the overall sonic landscape. ‘Ease Me On’ and ‘Can We Please Have Fun’ further highlight the band’s versatility, ranging from bossa nova ballads to feel-good anthems.

In essence, ‘When You See Yourself’ is a testament to Kings Of Leon’s ability to navigate through life’s uncertainties while still finding moments of joy and connection. It’s a compelling journey that showcases the band’s growth and willingness to explore new musical territories, making it a must-listen for fans both old and new.

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