Experience the magic of The Beatles’ iconic hit “Let It Be” with an unforgettable new music video!

A new video for the Beatles classic Let It Be has been released, featuring restored footage and previously unseen outtakes from the band’s 1970 film of the same name. This captivating video is now available to watch on Disney+ for fans worldwide.

The original Let It Be movie was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and provided the foundation for Peter Jackson’s expansive Get Back film. Peter Jackson has meticulously restored the footage from Let It Be, making it officially available for public viewing after more than 50 years.

Speaking about the project, Jackson expressed his gratitude for having access to Michael’s outtakes for Get Back. He emphasized the importance of Let It Be in completing the Get Back story, describing the two films as part of one epic narrative that spans over five decades.

The Let It Be movie captures the band during the recording sessions for their final album of the same name. Viewers witness the dynamics within the group, with Paul McCartney facing challenges as John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr navigate the creative process together. The film culminates in the legendary rooftop performance at the Apple Corps building in London, where the band played together for the last time amidst police intervention.

Lindsay-Hogg reflected on the significance of the rooftop concert, noting the band’s excitement, camaraderie, and joy in playing together one last time. He highlighted the bittersweet nature of the moment, bringing a sense of poignancy to the viewer’s experience of watching the legendary performance.

Experience the magic of the Beatles’ Let It Be video, now restored and available for fans to enjoy on Disney+. Witness the iconic band at a pivotal moment in their career, capturing their final moments together as a group with raw emotions and musical brilliance on display.

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