Get Ready to Groove with The Tangent’s Latest Hit, The Fine Line!

UK prog rockers The Tangent have recently released a new single titled The Fine Line, showcasing their jazzy stride in a nine-minute musical journey. This single is a preview of their latest studio album, To Follow Polaris, now available through InsideOut Music.

Lead vocalist Andy Tillison shares his thoughts on the new single, describing it as a convergence of ‘The Apocalypse’ and ‘Having to go to work,’ creating a unique blend of sound that characterizes the band’s signature style.

Although To Follow Polaris remains true to The Tangent’s essence, Tillison conveys that this album is a distinct solo endeavor due to his bandmates’ prior commitments with other projects during the recording process. He humorously adds that while the album is meant to be perceived as a typical Tangent release, it does not represent the band’s future direction, teasing the possibility of a FOURTEENTH album down the line.

The album is set to be released in various formats, including a limited deluxe Collector’s Edition CD mediabook with a bonus track and extensive booklet, gatefold 180g 2LP vinyl with a bonus track, and digital format for listeners’ convenience. Fans can check out the new artwork and tracklisting for a glimpse into the upcoming musical experience.

For those eager to dive into The Tangent’s latest offering, pre-orders for To Follow Polaris are now available. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to experience the band’s musical evolution.

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