LL COOL J Calls on André 3000 to Abandon Flute and Join Forces with Big Boi again – Will They Reunite?

LL Cool J, the iconic rapper from the hip-hop scene, recently provided some insightful career advice to André 3000, urging him to consider retiring the flute and reuniting with his partner Big Boi for a new OutKast album. This suggestion was made during LL Cool J’s guest appearance on LeBron James’ The Shop, where he expressed his disappointment with André 3000’s latest instrumental project, New Blue Sun, and emphasized the need for the talented artist to return to his roots in rap.

During the show, LL Cool J praised André 3000’s lyrical skills, acknowledging his exceptional talent and creativity in the field. However, he emphasized his desire for André 3000 to focus on his rap career instead of pursuing instrumental ventures like playing the flute. LL Cool J highlighted the potential of a collaboration between André 3000 and Big Boi, emphasizing the magic that the duo could create with a new OutKast album or solo projects.

While Lena Waithe, another guest on the show, defended André 3000’s New Blue Sun project, LL Cool J was quick to question her favorite song from the album, indicating his skepticism about the instrumental direction taken by the artist. Despite his struggles with writing rhymes in recent years, André 3000 hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility of another rap album, especially with OutKast.

In an interview with CBS Mornings last year, André 3000 expressed his desire to reunite with Big Boi for a new project, hinting at the possibility of an OutKast album in the future. While he admitted that his groupmate hadn’t pressured him into a collaboration, André 3000 acknowledged his own yearning for another OutKast album, showcasing his human side and personal aspirations in the music industry.

Moreover, André 3000 reaffirmed his interest in creating a rap album in a later interview, emphasizing the challenge and excitement that come with producing a “fire” record at 48 years old. He highlighted the thrill of taking on such a project and the satisfaction that would come from pushing his creative boundaries and delivering impactful music to his audience.

Overall, the exchange between LL Cool J and André 3000 sheds light on the conflicting desires of artists to experiment with new sounds while also staying true to their origins in the music industry. As fans eagerly anticipate the potential reunion of OutKast and the release of new projects from André 3000, the future of hip-hop remains bright with these iconic figures at the forefront of innovation and artistic expression.

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