LL Cool J Urges Andre 3000 to Stick to Rap, Not Flute Playing – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Welcome to Music Nation 365, where we bring you the latest scoop on all things music-related! Today, we’ve got an exciting story about hip-hop legend LL Cool J’s recent appearance on Uninterrupted’s The Shop. During a chat with Lena Waithe about creative inspiration, Andre 3000’s New Blue Sun album became a hot topic of discussion.

Lena Waithe, a talented producer and actress, spoke about how various things can inspire artists. She used LL Cool J’s acting career as an example before mentioning Andre 3000’s unconventional choice to explore the world of flute music. However, LL Cool J wasn’t entirely on board with this idea. He expressed his desire to hear Andre spit some bars instead of playing the flute.

While Lena Waithe defended Andre’s latest work, insisting that she enjoyed the calming vibes of the album, LL Cool J remained firm in his opinion. He adamantly stated that he preferred to hear Andre rap rather than play the flute, sparking a lively debate among the group.

Co-host Maverick Carter joined LL Cool J in expressing his desire for an Andre 3000 rap album. Fans have long awaited a solo project from the Outkast member, and it appears that LL Cool J shares their sentiments.

LL Cool J didn’t shy away from praising Andre’s talent, acknowledging his lyrical prowess and creative abilities. He emphasized the need for Andre to focus on rapping, whether solo or with Big Boi in an Outkast reunion.

As the discussion continued, the group made it clear that they were passionate about their desire to hear Andre 3000 deliver some hard-hitting verses. While Andre’s flute album may have its charm, the consensus seemed to be that fans were eager for him to return to his roots as a skilled rapper.

So, will we ever get that long-awaited Andre 3000 rap album? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure – LL Cool J and many others are hopeful that the legendary artist will bless us with some new music that showcases his incredible talents as a wordsmith.

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