Rock Legend Ronnie Wood Joins Forces with Iconic Bandmates in Epic Reunion during Rolling Stones Tour Break

The Rolling Stones are currently on their US and Canada tour, and Ronnie Wood has been giving fans a peek into life on the road through snaps shared with his family and fellow music stars like Mick Fleetwood and Alice Cooper.

At the start of the week, Ronnie spent time with his old friend Mick Fleetwood in Glendale, Arizona, before a show. The 76-year-old musician and his wife Sally, along with their twin daughters Gracie and Alice, also caught up with rocker Alice Cooper during their time in Arizona.

In New Orleans, Louisiana, Ronnie and Sally were seen hanging out with singer/songwriter Neil Young, soaking up the “good vibes” of the city. Once they arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada, they posed with the iconic sign before attending a show. Sally shared their excitement, saying, “We’re back in town! Been here for five minutes and already seen a show and popped to see the sign.”

The show they attended featured magicians Penn and Teller, whom Sally described as “Legends! The magic continues.” The Rolling Stones are currently touring in the US to promote their latest album, Hackney Diamonds. Last month, Mick Jagger, 80, opened up about the emotional journey of performing without their longtime drummer, Charlie Watts.

The US tour, coming 60 years after the band first hit the road in America, marked a poignant moment for Mick, Ronnie, and Keith Richards, 80, as they continue to honor Charlie’s memory. Guitarist Keith emphasized that giving up on their music after Charlie’s passing was never an option, highlighting the bond they share both personally and musically.

Since Charlie’s passing, Steve Jordan has taken over on drums, with Mick sharing that Charlie had been steadfast in his belief that the band should carry on performing. Mick expressed the emotional challenges of moving forward without Charlie but emphasized his commitment to continuing making music in honor of their bandmate.

The band’s current 16-date tour across the US and Canada is in support of their latest album, Hackney Diamonds, which represents their first record of original music since 2005. Keith Richards has expressed gratitude for drummer Steve Jordan’s presence, acknowledging that it would have been difficult to continue without Charlie’s blessing.

Charlie Watts had been battling throat cancer since 2004, and his cause of death was revealed by Keith Richards in March 2022. Despite his health struggles, Charlie remained dedicated to the band until his passing, with Mick Jagger sharing that the new album features tracks recorded with Charlie as well as the presence of original band member Wyman.

The Rolling Stones continue to make music and honor their legacy, keeping Charlie Watts’ memory alive through their performances and new music. Fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming shows and the chance to experience the magic of the Rolling Stones live in concert.

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