Switzerland Shines in Eurovision 2024 Second Semifinal – See Who Made the Cut!

The 68th annual Eurovision Song Contest is gearing up to showcase a lineup of talented performers from around the globe. With the addition of ten more countries joining the mix after the second semifinal, a total of 26 songs will compete in the grand final on Saturday.

One of the standout entrants is Georgia, led by former American Idol contestant Nutsa Buzaladze, who will be belting out “Firefighter” on the Eurovision stage. Switzerland is also making waves with Nero’s “The Code,” which is considered a top favorite by many.

Georgia’s history in Eurovision dates back to 2007, with their last grand final appearance in 2016. Nutsa has breathed new life into Georgia’s Eurovision dreams after a string of unsuccessful semifinals in recent years.

With only seven countries participating in the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, including Switzerland emerging victorious, the competition has certainly evolved over the years. Switzerland’s last win was in 1988 with Celine Dion, so the pressure is on for Nero to bring home the trophy after 36 years.

Israel’s performance of “Hurricane” by Eden Golan sparked mixed reactions from the audience, with some voicing their political opinions about the conflict in Gaza. Despite the controversy, the energy of the crowd remained high throughout the show.

Joining the roster of qualifiers from the second semifinal are Armenia, Austria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, and Norway. On the flip side, the countries that didn’t make the cut this time around are Albania, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Malta, and San Marino.

The first semifinal saw Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine securing their spots in the grand final. Additionally, the six pre-qualified countries – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and host country Sweden – are all set to bring their A-game to the Eurovision stage.

With a diverse mix of musical genres, stunning performances, and intense competition, the 68th annual Eurovision Song Contest promises to be a memorable event for fans around the world. Stay tuned as the grand final unfolds and one talented act emerges victorious in this prestigious music competition.

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