Unlock the exclusive conversation between Jack Antonoff and Nardwuar as they dive into ‘Watch the Throne’ and music scenes – featuring special guest Ron Sexsmith!

Long before Jack Antonoff became known for his collaborations with Taylor Swift, he was a key player in the music scene, crafting hits that left a lasting impact. One such hit was his band Fun.’s “We are Young,” a Diamond-certified single that resonated with listeners around the world.

During an interview at Coachella 2024 with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Antonoff reminisced about an unreleased version of “We are Young” featuring hip-hop giants JAY-Z and Kanye West. The story goes back to 2011 when producer Jeff Bhasker was working with both Fun. on their second album, Some Nights, and JAY-Z and West on their collaborative project, Watch the Throne. There were talks of the track being included in Watch the Throne, but ultimately, it didn’t make the cut.

Antonoff revealed that he never got the chance to hear this alternate version of the song but shared an interesting tidbit he had heard about it. Apparently, JAY-Z declares himself as the “king of Bonnaroo” and “the king of Coachella” in the song, giving it a unique twist that Antonoff found intriguing.

Aside from discussing his music career, Antonoff also reflected on his concert experiences in New Jersey, recalling the various shows he attended with his friends. These memories included performances by bands like At the Drive-In, the Aquabats, Boy Sets Fire, Saves the Day, and the Get Up Kids, which shaped his love for live music.

The interview took an unexpected turn when Nardwuar presented Antonoff with a poster from a benefit show he had played with his early band Outline. This walk down memory lane brought back nostalgic feelings for Antonoff, who noted that Outline’s sound was reminiscent of Kid Dynamite, a band he admired.

Amidst the anecdotes and revelations, Antonoff shared a quirky encounter with Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, who mistook him for Albert Hammond Jr. from The Strokes due to his hairstyle. Despite the mix-up, Antonoff was flattered by Sexsmith’s approach and appreciated the interaction with a musician he admired.

As the interview came to a close, Antonoff received a collection of unique gifts from Nardwuar, including vinyl records related to Jeff Lynne, a bobblehead of Agnostic Front’s Vinnie Stigma, and a Nardwuar-branded boost guitar pedal. These quirky tokens added a touch of humor to the conversation, showcasing Nardwuar’s signature style of gift-giving.

In recent times, Antonoff has been busy with the release of the self-titled Bleachers album and his work on Kendrick Lamar’s diss track. His creative endeavors continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences, solidifying his status as a versatile and talented producer in the music industry.

For more exciting interviews and behind-the-scenes moments from Coachella 2024, check out Nardwuar’s latest uploads featuring conversations with Skepta, Renee Rapp, Ken Carson, and 21 Savage. Stay tuned for more exclusive insights and memorable interactions from the world of music, brought to you by Music Nation 365.

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