Discover the Untold Story of Jarvis Cocker’s Epic Encounter with Michael Jackson at the Brits: A Night of Rock’n’Roll Bedlam

1996 was a monumental year for Jarvis Cocker, but more specifically, it was a significant year for Jarvis Cocker’s infamous rear end. As the frontman for the band Pulp, Cocker and the band had reached new heights of success after the release of the iconic album “Different Class” in 1995, propelling them from indie darlings to one of the UK’s biggest bands. However, it was a peculiar incident involving Cocker’s derriere that would truly capture the public’s attention.

The incident occurred at the Brit Awards when Cocker decided to express his displeasure with Michael Jackson’s over-the-top performance by storming the stage and executing an impromptu bum wiggle that would go down in history. While the nation (and tabloids) were shocked by the unexpected display, it undoubtedly added a touch of rock ‘n’ roll bedlam to the evening.

In a recent interview with former music executive Marc Marot, the events leading up to Cocker’s stage invasion were recounted. Marot, who was the managing director of Island Records at the time, painted a vivid picture of the chaotic scene at the Brit Awards that fateful evening.

According to Marot, there was a general sense of irritation among attendees due to the Brit Awards being seemingly hijacked by Sony, the label behind Michael Jackson’s “HiStory” album. The atmosphere was further fuelled by Jackson’s controversial performance, which many felt overshadowed the essence of the awards show, turning it more into a platform for the King of Pop.

As tensions simmered, Cocker found himself on the brink of taking matters into his own hands. Goaded on by his bandmate Candida, Cocker made the spontaneous decision to disrupt Jackson’s performance, much to the surprise of everyone at his table, including Marot and his colleagues.

Marot vividly recalled the moment when Cocker sprang up from his seat and dashed towards the stage, followed closely by artists like Tricky and Mushroom from Massive Attack who attempted to join him but were halted by security.

In the aftermath of the incident, Cocker faced serious allegations from Jackson’s team, accusing him of injuring one of the child dancers during the stage invasion. As chaos ensued, Marot found himself escorting Cocker to the police station, accompanied by a motley crew that included a sober lawyer and even Bob Mortimer, a conveyancing lawyer.

Despite the initial turbulence, Cocker was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing when video evidence emerged showing that it was actually one of Jackson’s security guards who had made contact with the child dancer. The incident made headlines and became a legendary footnote in Pulp’s illustrious career.

While Pulp’s legacy is undoubtedly rooted in their poignant lyrics and anthemic Britpop hits, the tale of Jarvis Cocker’s daring stage invasion and bum wiggle at the Brit Awards remains one of the band’s most unforgettable and entertaining anecdotes.

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