Kesha’s Bold Move: ‘F— P. Diddy’ Lyric Change in ‘Tik Tok’ Here to Stay

Kesha has made it clear that she’s not going back after altering a key lyric in her hit song “TikTok” at Coachella. The change was made during Reneé Rapp’s festival set in April, where Kesha decided to replace the original line with “f— P. Diddy” in light of the sexual misconduct allegations against the rapper and mogul.

Recently, Kesha revealed in an interview with TMZ at the Los Angeles International Airport that she intends to permanently keep the updated version of the song. She expressed her desire for fans to learn the new lyrics for her upcoming shows and to sing it louder than ever.

When asked about her decision, Kesha confidently stated, “I’m not the kind of person that shuts the f— up. I know what I stand for, I know my integrity is rock-solid, so I speak the truth. The industry can kinda, like, suck my di–.” This bold statement reflects Kesha’s unwavering stance on the matter.

During their performance at Coachella, both Kesha and Rapp defiantly held up middle fingers while singing the controversial lyric. Kesha then took to Twitter to emphasize her position by tweeting, “WAKE UP IN THE MORNING LIKE F— P DIDDY” in all caps.

Notably, Diddy’s homes were raided by FBI agents in connection with a federal sex trafficking investigation just weeks before the Coachella performance. He also faces abuse allegations and various sexual misconduct-related lawsuits, as reported by CNN and Billboard.

Looking ahead, Kesha is set to headline WeHo Pride in Los Angeles alongside artists like Adam Lambert, Monét X Change, and others. Her latest album, “Gag Order,” peaked at No. 14 on the Top Alternative Albums chart in 2023, showcasing her continued presence in the music industry.

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