Fans Left Frustrated as Highly Anticipated Gunna Mixtape Fails to Release

Future’s fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of his promised mixtape to rival Gunna’s new album. However, the mixtape did not drop as expected on the announced date. Although Future dropped a single called “Swear To God” with Tee Grizzley on Friday (May 10), it was not accompanied by a full mixtape, leaving fans puzzled.

Future had announced on Wednesday (May 8) that he would release a new mixtape on Friday (May 10) and took a jab at an unnamed rival on social media, stating, “Fuck yo album Shit ain’t slappin like my MIXTAPE.” This statement seemed to stir some controversy, with Gunna interpreting it as a direct shot at him.

Gunna, whose album “One of Wun” was scheduled to drop on May 10, responded with a tweet asking to turn things back up while dismissing the comments made by his competitors. This exchange between the two artists fueled speculation about a potential rivalry.

Future had previously hinted at his discontent with Gunna earlier this year, possibly due to Gunna’s association with Young Thug, whom Gunna has been accused of snitching on. In March, Future’s social media page shared a link to Gunna’s music video for “Prada Dem” featuring Offset, only to delete it shortly after. This act was seen as a subtle dig at Gunna.

Furthermore, Future posted a snippet of his collaboration with Travis Scott and Playboi Carti, containing lyrics that some interpreted as references to the ongoing controversy surrounding Gunna and Young Thug. These actions by Future were seen as further attempts to call out Gunna and highlight the ongoing legal issues surrounding him.

Other rappers like 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk have also voiced their disapproval of Gunna’s involvement in the YSL RICO case. Gunna, in an interview with XXL, addressed the criticism from his peers, stating that they do not fully understand the legal implications of the case. He mentioned having peaceful conversations with some of the rappers who called him out, emphasizing that things are not as tense as portrayed by fans.

Despite the tensions and controversies surrounding the delayed mixtape release and the ongoing legal issues, both Future and Gunna continue to pursue their music careers and navigate the complexities of the rap industry.

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