Limited Vinyl Edition of Debut Album Now Available – Support Guy Manning’s Crowdfunder Today!

Exciting News for Fans of Guy Manning!

Marking the 25th anniversary of his debut album “Tall Stories For Small Children,” Guy Manning is launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new double vinyl version of the beloved record. Manning’s journey into music began with his collaboration with The Tangent’s Andy Tillison, leading to the creation of his first album with the help of talented musicians.

Reflecting on the early days of his music career, Manning recalls the humble beginnings of creating and distributing his music through mail order. The evolution of the album from its original version to the official release in 1999 on Cyclops Records showcases the growth and development of Manning as an artist over the years.

Now, with 15 albums under his belt, Manning is inviting fans to join him in celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Tall Stories For Small Children” with a special performance at the Summer’s End Festival. Additionally, fans have the opportunity to support the release of a remastered and expanded vinyl double album through a crowdfunding campaign.

By pledging upfront for a copy of the album, fans can take advantage of reduced pricing and exclusive offers before the album goes into production. Manning’s dedication to connecting with his audience and involving them in the creation process highlights the unique relationship he has with his fans.

If you’re a fan of Guy Manning’s music and want to be a part of this special anniversary celebration, now is your chance to pledge your support and secure your copy of the new double vinyl album. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of Manning’s musical journey and own a piece of music history.

Join Guy Manning in commemorating 25 years of “Tall Stories For Small Children” and be a part of the next chapter in his musical legacy. Pledge your support today and be among the first to experience the magic of Manning’s music in a new and exciting format.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be a part of Guy Manning’s milestone celebration. Pledge your support today and secure your copy of the new double vinyl album before it’s too late!

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