Exclusive: Benny Blanco Whips Up Selena Gomez’s Dream Steak Dinner

Benny Blanco is proving himself to be the ultimate boyfriend with a romantic gesture for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The producer took to Instagram on Monday to showcase his culinary skills by making Gomez a delicious steak dinner.

In a heartwarming post, Blanco shared that he woke up with the intention of making something special for his girlfriend. He humorously mentioned that making steak is his go-to move whenever he wants to put a smile on Gomez’s face or, as he cheekily put it, “get laid.”

Blanco then took his fans on a journey through his cooking process, demonstrating how he perfectly smoked the steak, prepared crispy potatoes, and tossed a Caesar salad. He even joked that if you’re not making homemade croutons, you’re missing out.

After preparing the meal, Blanco planned to surprise Gomez at her workplace with the food. Unfortunately, Gomez had the day off, so Blanco decided to take the meal to her house instead. Upon arriving, he found the “Love On” singer still fast asleep. Blanco left a sweet note by her bedside and gave her hand a tender squeeze before leaving.

When Gomez woke up, she shared the thoughtful gift on her Instagram Stories, along with the note that Blanco had left her, expressing his love and the effort he put into making her steak.

Blanco and Gomez officially confirmed their relationship back in December, about six months into their romance. Gomez gushed about Blanco being her “absolute everything” in a response to fans on Instagram, emphasizing how happy she is in the relationship.

Watch Blanco’s loving gesture and culinary talents in action in the video below:

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