Discover the Insane Viral Remixes of Metro Boomin’s Drake Diss ‘BBL Drizzy’ by Fans!

Metro Boomin, the famous music producer, recently stirred up some drama with Drake by launching the “BBL Drizzy” beat giveaway. This move led to a flood of remixes and freestyles on social media, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

Initially, Metro Boomin announced on May 5th, “Best verse over this gets a free beat just upload your song and hashtag #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway.” Later, he upped the ante by adding a $10,000 cash prize along with a free Metro beat for the ultimate winner.

Drake, also known as the 6 God, didn’t seem too pleased with the whole situation. He responded to Metro’s giveaway with a questionable tone, stating, “You just cheffed a beat about my a–?” The reference to “BBL Drizzy” was linked to Rick Ross’ claims about Drake undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Following this exchange, fans quickly jumped on the opportunity to incorporate the King Willonius A.I.-generated parody sample into their own music creations, spanning various genres beyond hip-hop.

Several standout remixes emerged, showcasing a diverse range of interpretations including saxophone renditions, battle rap verses aiming at Drake, merengue twists, house remixes, and more.

The reasons behind Metro and Drake’s feud remain unclear, but Drake threw shots at Metro on tracks like “Push Ups” and “Family Matters.” On the latter, Drake used Metro’s government name, Leland Wayne, and made suggestive remarks about his relationship with Metro Boomin’s partner.

In response, Metro Boomin fired back at Drake, shutting down any rumors and accusations about his personal life. He mocked Drake with memes referencing Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” cover art, Drake painting his nails, and more. He even shared an alleged leaked email suggesting Drake’s team interfered with the radio promotion of certain tracks.

Regardless of which side you support in this feud, take a moment to enjoy some of the creative “BBL Drizzy” remixes that have emerged as a result of this intense rivalry.

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