Don’t Miss Out! Jermaine Dupri Gives Sneak Peek of Epic Muni Long Remix Collab with Iconic Singer

Exciting news is buzzing in the music world as Jermaine Dupri has teased a remix of Muni Long’s smash hit single “Made For Me” that will feature an iconic singer. The So So Def founder recently took to Instagram to share a video of Muni’s track playing in a studio, hinting at a remix in the works with a label saying “MC” on the recording booth.

In the video, Dupri can be seen navigating towards a 7x Platinum plaque for Mariah Carey’s album “The Emancipation of Mimi,” indicating that the legendary singer will be the featured artist on the remix. Dupri captioned the video with, “You know a song ain’t a song without a remix baby @munilong.” Muni also added to the excitement by commenting, “Mutha Mariah has spoken.”

This remix news comes after Jermaine Dupri expressed interest in having another artist collaborate on the “Made For Me” remix back in January. He hinted at a potential collaboration between Ari Lennox and Muni Long, as the two artists have previously shown mutual admiration for each other. Muni shared a TikTok video earlier this year of Lennox singing “Made For Me” in her kitchen, expressing her love for the song and for Lennox.

A few hours after Muni’s video with Lennox surfaced, Jermaine Dupri reshared it on X, previously known as Twitter, and hinted at adding Lennox to the remix. The veteran producer confirmed that the remix he mentioned was indeed for the same song Lennox was singing, with “sweat” being an inside reference between him and Muni Long.

In a separate incident in March, Dupri expressed confusion over why “Made For Me” had not yet won a Grammy. He took to social media to share his frustration, stating that the song may not be eligible for the next year’s Grammy Awards, although it was submitted this year. Fans rallied behind him to support his quest for a nomination, highlighting the impact of the song and his production work.

The anticipation for the “Made For Me” remix featuring Mariah Carey continues to grow, as fans eagerly await this exciting musical collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates on this remix and the potential Grammy journey for this chart-topping track.

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