Unveiling the Ultimate Slash Signature Guitar: Experience the Iconic Gibson ES-335 with Tickets to a VIP Concert Included!

Exciting news for fans of iconic rock guitarist Slash – the Gibson Custom Shop has just unveiled a limited edition replica of Slash’s 1963 Gibson ES-335, complete with a pair of tickets to a special show at Gibson’s Nashville HQ. The Collector’s Edition model will be limited to just 50 units, making it a highly sought-after treasure for guitar enthusiasts.

For those who have been following Slash’s recent musical endeavors, you might have noticed that he has been experimenting with different guitars, including the vintage ES-335 featured on his latest blues album, Orgy of the Damned. Slash personally used a 1963 ES-335 for several tracks on the album, and was so impressed with its sound and playability that he collaborated with the Gibson Custom Shop to create an exact replica of his beloved instrument.

The replica ES-335 boasts a pair of custom-made unpotted Custombucker humbuckers with Alnico II magnets, a Bigsby B7 vibrato, and has been meticulously aged by the experts at the Murphy Lab to capture the essence of Slash’s original guitar. The package also includes a Lifton hard case with a yellow plush interior, a ‘Custom Made’ plaque, and a variety of case candy such as a signed copy of the Orgy of the Damned album and Gibson’s Slash: The Collection book.

But that’s not all – purchasing one of the 50 Collector’s Edition Slash 1963 ES-335 guitars also grants you a pair of tickets to a special Slash show at the Gibson Garage Nashville, where you can enjoy a Q&A session hosted by Gibson’s own Mark Agnesi. This exclusive event is set to take place on June 30, offering fans a unique opportunity to experience Slash’s music in an intimate setting.

With a price tag of $14,999, the Collector’s Edition Slash 1963 ES-335 sits at the higher end of Gibson’s pricing spectrum, but is still more affordable compared to other flagship models like the $50,000 Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard. As for the future availability of the Slash ES-335, it remains to be seen whether Gibson will release it as a more accessible USA model, an Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Custom Shop build, or follow the path of previous signature models like Dave Grohl’s DG-335.

For fans eagerly awaiting the chance to own a piece of rock history, the Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1963 Collector’s Edition ES-335 is a rare opportunity to own a meticulously crafted replica of one of Slash’s most beloved guitars. To learn more about this exclusive model and secure your own piece of rock ‘n’ roll history, visit Gibson’s official website.

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