Watch Joe Budden’s Epic Dance to Kendrick Lamar’s Savage Diss Track Following Drake’s Defeat!

Joe Budden, former Slaughterhouse MC, recently celebrated Kendrick Lamar’s perceived triumph over Drake in their feud by dancing to Lamar’s diss track “Not Like Us” on his eponymous podcast. With his co-hosts, Budden hilariously performed some Crip Walk-esque moves to the Mustard-produced song, declaring Lamar as the ultimate winner in the battle between the two rap giants. Budden emphasized Lamar’s superior skill and consistency throughout the feud, stating, “He was much better than Drake the whole way.”

Budden went on to critique Drake for his lack of preparation and commitment in the ongoing beef, highlighting Drake’s wavering stance and eventual retreat from the confrontation. Mocking a line from Drake’s diss track “Push Ups,” Budden joked, “This n-gga said, ‘You gonna make me have to wake the demon up.’ You know how many sleeping pills I’ve taken in my life? What type of sleeping pills the demon taking? That demon is snoring! He lost unequivocally. The n-gga took it from him.”

Joining Budden in supporting Lamar’s victory, legendary rappers Cam’ron and Ma$e also weighed in on the feud. Despite previously backing Drake, Cam’ron expressed his honest opinion on the situation, siding with Lamar and criticizing Drake’s apparent resignation from the battle in his latest track, “The Heart Part 6.” Cam’ron emphasized the importance of persistence in rap battles, suggesting that Drake should have continued fighting instead of bowing out prematurely.

Ma$e echoed Cam’ron’s sentiments, commending Lamar for his strategic approach in releasing diss tracks like “Meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us.” Ma$e believed that Lamar accelerated his response to Drake with impeccable timing and powerful lyrics, indicating that “Not Like Us” was the turning point in the feud that solidified Lamar’s dominance over Drake. Both Cam’ron and Ma$e agreed that Drake’s passive approach and lackluster responses contributed to his defeat in the ongoing rivalry.

Overall, Joe Budden, Cam’ron, and Ma$e, along with many others, have crowned Kendrick Lamar as the victor in the heated feud with Drake. As the music industry continues to buzz with speculations and opinions on the rivalry, Lamar’s strategic moves and lyrical prowess have undoubtedly earned him the title of the reigning champion in the ongoing battle for rap supremacy.

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