Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Takes a Stand Against ‘Silly’ Heavy Metal Label – Find Out Why!

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott recently shared his perspective on the heavy metal genre, expressing his distaste for the term. Despite being a prominent figure in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, Elliott believes that his band does not fit into the heavy metal category. In an interview on the Rockonteurs podcast, he explained, “I have an issue with the term ‘heavy metal’ because everybody outside of rock always thinks if you’re a heavy metal band, it’s like bad news. You get this impression that everybody’s a moron.”

Elliott went on to compare his band to The Rolling Stones, highlighting that both bands consist of two guitars, bass, drums, and a singer. He stated, “It’s a silly, silly term. I like ‘rock’. When you start pigeonholing, it gets on my tits, to be quite honest, because can’t we just all be just a rock band or a pop band or be both?”

He further pointed out that AC/DC, UFO, Thin Lizzy, and even Motorhead had elements of blues rock in their music, emphasizing that genres can be fluid and not necessarily confined to strict labels. Regarding his own band, Def Leppard, Elliott asserted, “I think we were pretty much the same way. It was rock. Absolutely heavy rock, for sure.”

Despite Elliott’s aversion to the heavy metal tag, Def Leppard continues to enjoy a successful musical career. In July, the band embarked on a North American stadium tour with Journey, offering fans a nostalgic trip through their classic hits. Support at each stadium show was provided by either Cheap Trick, the Steve Miller Band, or Heart. The tour spanned multiple cities, including St. Louis, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, and many more.

For fans eager to catch these legendary bands live, tickets for the Def Leppard x Journey tour are currently on sale. The tour promises an electrifying experience for rock enthusiasts, with a lineup of iconic songs and timeless performances. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable musical journey!

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Tickets for the Def Leppard x Journey tour are on sale now.

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