Shocking Allegations: Freddie Gibbs Faces Accusations of Assaulting Ex During Pregnancy Dispute

Breaking news from the music world: Freddie Gibbs, a well-known rapper, has been accused of physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Grenaway, amid their pregnancy drama. This shocking revelation came to light when Grenaway took to social media to share the disturbing allegations. In a series of now-deleted tweets, she first posted a picture of a positive pregnancy test, celebrating early Mother’s Day and announcing her pregnancy with Gibbs. However, things took a serious turn when she revealed bruises and scars allegedly caused by Gibbs, further accusing him of refusing to assist her in getting an abortion due to her medical history.

Despite suggestions to involve law enforcement, Grenaway shared her disappointment in the lack of response from the authorities when she sought help. Eventually, she removed all the tweets and released a video to shed light on the situation, hinting that further actions would be taken privately to protect her mental health and children.

Gibbs responded cryptically to the accusations by simply stating, “The devil is a lie my n-gga,” sparking even more controversy and speculation surrounding the issue. This incident follows Gibbs’ public relationship with Grenaway, as the two celebrated Valentine’s Day earlier this year, only to face backlash and drama from his previous ex-girlfriend, Destini, who accused him of ghosting her.

This recent development has added to the turbulent year Gibbs has been experiencing, with tensions and controversies following him in the music industry. Despite the challenges, Gibbs remains a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene, with his music continuing to resonate with fans around the world.

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