Discover the Captivating Mystique and Musical Genius of Ritchie Blackmore, as Steve Vai Pays Tribute to the Guitar Legend

Steve Vai, the US guitar virtuoso, may not have the same playing style as Ritchie Blackmore, but he has garnered a reputation that matches that of the former Deep Purple legend. In fact, Blackmore himself once hailed Vai as his favorite guitarist. In 2012, Vai contributed a scorching version of “Highway Star” to Re-Machined: A Tribute to Deep Purple’s Machine Head, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Purple’s iconic sixth album. Classic Rock magazine had the opportunity to speak with Vai about his love for the British rock pioneers, Blackmore’s unique mystique, and the process of bringing a classic song into a new dimension.

When Vai was approached to participate in the Re-Machined tribute album, he was initially hesitant, as he often receives offers for similar projects that end up being poorly executed. However, knowing the people involved and the quality of their work, coupled with the impressive lineup of artists participating in the tribute, Vai felt compelled to contribute, viewing it as a genuine tribute to Deep Purple.

One of the key highlights of the project was Vai’s rendition of “Highway Star,” a Deep Purple classic. Interestingly, Vai discovered that another supergroup, Chickenfoot, had also recorded a version of the song for the same tribute album, adding a unique twist to the project. Despite the multiple versions of “Highway Star,” Vai was excited to take on the challenge, aiming to offer a fresh and artistic interpretation of the beloved track.

As a devoted fan of Deep Purple since his youth, Vai’s appreciation for the band, especially Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar prowess, runs deep. Blackmore’s confidence, control, tone, and stage presence left a lasting impression on Vai, shaping his own musical journey and inspiring his approach to the instrument.

Reflecting on the enduring legacy of Deep Purple and their seminal album “Machine Head,” Vai attributes their longevity to the band’s authenticity, chemistry, and unwavering dedication to their craft. The timeless appeal of Deep Purple’s music lies in their exceptional songwriting, genuine passion for their art, and the synergy between band members that resonates with audiences even decades later.

When asked which Steve Vai song he would like to hear Deep Purple cover, Vai humbly declined, expressing reluctance to subject the band to such a challenge. Instead, he humorously suggested that he would write a song specifically tailored for Deep Purple, showcasing his respect for the iconic group and their musical legacy.

Listening to Vai’s insights and anecdotes about his connection to Deep Purple and the creative process behind his tribute to “Machine Head” provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of a master guitarist paying homage to his musical heroes. Through Vai’s innovative and respectful approach to reinterpreting a classic track, he adds a unique chapter to the ongoing saga of Deep Purple’s influence on generations of musicians and fans alike.

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