Get Ready to Be Hooked: Stray Kids and Charlie Puth Release ‘Lose My Breath’ Single and Video

Stray Kids are taking 2024 by storm with the release of their adventurous new music video for the single “Lose My Breath,” featuring none other than Charlie Puth.

In the visually captivating music video, the eight members of Stray Kids embark on individual journeys filled with intensity before coming together for a mesmerizing dance sequence. The chorus, sung by Puth and Stray Kids, expresses the powerful impact of love, with lyrics like, “I lose my breath when you’re walkin’ in/ ‘Cause when our eyes lock, it’s like my heart stops.”

Not only does the digital single of “Lose My Breath” feature the studio version of the track, but it also includes an instrumental version for fans to enjoy. Produced by Puth and Johnny Goldstein, the song was written and composed by Stray Kids’ very own 3RACHA team, which consists of Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN, alongside Puth.

Earlier this month, Stray Kids received a prestigious honor by being featured on Gold House’s annual A100 list, which recognizes Asian Pacific leaders who have made a significant impact on American culture and society. The group’s inclusion in this list speaks to their growing influence and contribution to the industry.

Adding to their list of accomplishments, Stray Kids made their debut at the iconic Met Gala on May 6, where they graced the event alongside fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger while donning custom suiting by the renowned designer.

Experience the magic of Stray Kids’ “Lose My Breath” music video by watching it below.

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