Garbage’s Shirley Manson Reveals Why Patti Smith is Her Ultimate Hero

Shirley Manson, the frontwoman of Garbage, is a powerhouse in the rock music scene. In 2021, she opened up about how her musical journey has been heavily influenced by her heroes. When asked to pick just one, Manson quickly chose the legendary New York punk-poet, Patti Smith.

Manson described Smith as a beacon of inspiration, bravery, and strength, while also possessing a soft and tender side. The two musicians first met at a festival in Greece, where Manson was left in awe of Smith’s presence and talent.

Despite the festival organizers placing Smith on stage before Garbage, Manson was brought to meet her in the dressing room by a sympathetic promoter. Meeting her idol for the first time, Manson was overwhelmed with emotion and even shed tears.

Reflecting on the encounter, Manson praised Smith for her calm and powerful demeanor. Instead of trying to pacify Manson’s emotions, Smith simply embraced her, leaving a lasting impression on Manson.

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